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דרושים: הצעות עבודה - משרה למהנדס לינוקס באזור יקנעם, חיפה

yba - 22/05/2019 - 13:53
נושא ההודעה: משרה למהנדס לינוקס באזור יקנעם, חיפה
Linux Board Support Engineer


Board support package (BSP) and operating system support and
development for embedded Linux systems on ARM, PowerPC, Xilinx and other
architectures. Embedded system customer support and programming.

Leadership and management ability is a plus, but not required.

Experience required: at least two years working with embedded Linux devices
based on ARM, Xilinx or PowerPC (not Intel) processors

*Must* know all of:

1. How to cross-build a Linux kernel for an ARM platform
2. How to read and explain what a Linux device tree file is
3. How to format a patch using git
4. How to read a Linux boot console log and explain it
5. How to use either vi or emacs
6. What the proc filesystem is
7. What the sys filesystem is
8. How to write Makefiles
9. The C programming language
19. The Bash scripting language

Benefits of job: Exposure to a huge number of projects and new technologies on a
continual basis. Opportunity to contribute to elite Open Source projects like
the Linux kernel and U-Boot. No overtime. No endless hours. Small organization.
No security clearance required.

send resume to cv@tkos.co.il
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